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So –you find yourself with some free time on your hands huh?  Maybe you’re on the outs with your woman, and face a long, lonely weekend looming ahead with nothing to do?  Are you all jones’ up and horny, ready for some action BUT you want to remain faithful to your gal? Dude, look no further!  Call up a chatline.  Or better yet find a party-line with a Free Trial.


There are a whole slew of them out there to try.  Basically, the nuts and bolts of them are really all the same.  Down to the same people calling, the same features and functions.


Even the pricing is very similar across the board once you sit and break down the cost.


  • Many services out there will offer a 30 Minute Trial partyline.  Others will advertise the horny guy’s “Holy Grail” of a full 60 Minute’s for first-time callers, which you likely will come across far less often.
  • But don’t take our word for it.  Get your phone bone on!  Call them up and try them all out for yourself.  You will only really know from firsthand experience.  When you use a Free-Trial line you will find out real fast that you don’t even NEED an entire 60 minutes.
  • You would be amazed how quickly time flies just browsing through greetings trying to decide which of the many ladies suits your tastes.  Even if you are not that picky, and select the first or second sweet sounding voice you hear, they will get you so jacked up and engaged that you will want to stay on long after the 30 or 60 minutes has gone by.


Or if you want to get right down to business and not have to lie to your lady about chatting with another woman, our flirt line offers Erotic Recorded Stories!  You can get started with a membership for as low as $4.99 and be able to choose either Live Chat, Voice Messaging or Listen to Recorded Stories.


Seriously though you don’t HAVE to choose!


  • You CAN do all three of those things with the SAME Membership –minutes are minutes on our chat line, no matter how you chose to use them.
  • Use them wisely or go on a splurge, it’s all up to you.

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