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Some girls really know how to create great fantasies while chatting. What is your phone sex fantasy?


I have to tell you my boyfriend is really, really into fantasy role-play.  It certainly keeps our sex life interesting!  ;)  He has opened up my mind to a whole new world I didn’t even know was out there.  Talk about broadening your horizons – wow.


So it all started one day when I was cleaning my apartment.  He came up behind me and whispered in my ear that he wished I was wearing a French Maid’s uniform while doing my chores.  Well I have to tell you, it gave me a thrill hearing him say this.  And it just so happens that I own a sexy maid costume from a few Halloween’s ago…  I got changed into quick as a bunny, and omg –that really spiced up our afternoon…


We live out in Los Angeles, he’s from here but I moved out from the Midwest.  Every once in a while my country twang comes out – usually during a heated argument.  Getting heated from a fight can often lead to being excited for something else, am I right?!


 So this got his imagination headed in another direction, and me too.  I thought, hmmm I should dress up as that hot country girl I used to be back home.  So I dug out my very short Daisy Duke’s (yeah I KNOW you can picture them hugging my Honky Tonk Badonk) along with my tight little plaid shirt that shows off my abs and my tits in their full glory.  Wouldn’t you know he completely forgot what we were fighting about!  I’ll have to remember to use this fantasy again sometime soon!


Out here in La La land everyone knows how obsessed people are with their looks and fitness.  Well its only natural if you go to all that trouble to want to show it off and enjoy it, right?  For my boyfriend’s 30th birthday I sure surprised him.  I went out and bought one of those collapsible stripper poles and set it up right in the middle of our living room.  I had been taking lessons (yes there are classes for regular gals to learn), and got pretty good at it, if I do say so myself.


As soon as he walked in the door from work –BAM!  Queue the swanky music and I hit the pole and did my thang.  Gyrating around, sliding and twirling – his eyes just about popped out of his sockets.  LOL – I know how to keep my man close at hand, he has no more need to go out to the strip club now when he can get it at home.

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