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What is it about Asian phone sex and Asian gals in general that get so many guys so cranked-up? It’s like that old creepy saying that they have “yellow fever”. Some of my girl-friends call these guys asiaphiles.


But this might be a little too hard on men who are happy and who love to get-a-taste of something other than a western girl with too much “tude”. My last boyfriend Adrian came down with an Asian fetish after dating me and since we are still buds; he gives me the total skinny on their relationship.


He’s definitely caught the “Asian-bug” and can’t image why he ever dated western babes. I kinda first took it as an insult; but I really wish the best for him and I’m happy that he’s happy-in-love, or perhaps that’s more like happy-in-lust.


Here are some of his reasons why gals from the East are better. See if any of these resonate with you.


  1. He says they are great listeners and will sit there and listen to anything that comes out of your mouth. “They seem very interested in hearing you talk about yourself”, he says.
  3. “Little Kim is just so interested in hearing all about my fishing and camping trips I take with my buddies”.
  5. My opinion: Ya that works with most guys because they go-on-and-on about their buddies and themselves to the point of Ad-nauseam. I’m totally not interested in hearing about sports games or fishing trips. I mean like who wants to chat about that kinda stuff anyway?
  7. They are easier to approach and ask for dates. He says sometimes you feel like you have to be a 10 because western chicks are so picky. So with gals of the Asian-persuasion says Adrian; he’s almost never been turned down.
  9. My Opinion: The guys is at least a 9 so I don’t know of too many gals that have every turned him down for a date. I’m not buying that one.
  11. Asian gals are really interested in him and not his money. He does not feel like he has to impress them with a fancy car or cloths or how much money he makes. They are not interested in him for “what” he has; but for “who” he is.
  13. ALSO: They are never opinionated or judgmental.
  15. My Opinion: Well maybe I’ve always been a little opinionated; but again I’m not sure Adrian is reading this correctly. After all, he makes $250K per year, drives the latest 7-Series BMW and wears thousand dollar suits.
  17. But OK, I’ll give him the benefit-of-the-doubt; because I’d like to believe they like him for “himself”.
  19. I could get a little philosophical here, but perhaps all-of-Adrian’s-trappings are “who” he is and maybe he just needs to think about that a little. I dated him when he was straight outta high school with no money. Would they be dating him is he was taking the bus to work and wearing clothes from the discount store? I DON’T THINK SO!


I’m going to stop now ‘cause I’m getting a little teary-eyed and a tab-bit of an attitude.

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