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Topics to Get You in the Mood

Conversations with strangers can be difficult and moving on to sexy talk and flirtatious topics can be awkward for some people. That’s perfectly okay, if this describes you! Conversation skills need work after most people were in quarantine for a couple years, so we have some pointers on conversation topics that will take your date from fun and playful to sexy and erotic in no time.

1. What’s your favorite part of a man’s or woman’s body? This question immediately gets your partner’s mind to think about their favorite, most intimate places and turns the conversation into something flirtier and more sensual.

2. What do you feel sexy wearing? Immediately followed by, “Will you wear that for me right now?”. You’re telling your partner you want them to feel sexy, and possibly that you already find them attractive to begin with.

3. What’s the sexiest part of your body? Make them think about themselves while simultaneously giving you something to picture when you imagine them touching themselves. Not only does it give you something to work with, but it also tells them that you’re interested in what they find most appealing about their own body.

4. What would you do on a perfect date? How would the date end? This works even better if you walk them through the scenario of this date happening. Have them describe it using as many details as possible. Your attentiveness to what their saying will most likely result in a happy ending to the date!

5. Do you like to watch porn? What’s your favorite thing to watch? Get them focused on sex. The more they think about what they like to watch, the more aroused they’ll become. If you want to take it a step further, then find and share a link so you can watch the same video together at the same time. Nothing is more erotic than two people having sex while watching porn.

6. What do you think about when you touch yourself? Again, get them focused on sex. If they think about a certain thing or scenario when they touch themselves, then thinking about that right now will make them horny and more likely to want to jump on top and ride you like a cowboy! Have fun with it and add in some details and flirtatious conversation at the same time!

There are a million ways to turn fun to flirty, and flirty to another F word that we won’t say here. Find questions that get your partner thinking about sex in a more intimate setting, while sharing those details with you. They’ll be more turned on than you by the end of it!