Try a Sexual Encounter

Chatline Etiquette 101

So, you’ve never been on a chatline. Or maybe you have, but you don’t know what the basic etiquette is because no one has taken the time to teach you. In all fairness, you can’t exactly ask your parents how to conduct yourself during phone sex, that would just be awkward. Learning what the basics are, though, is fairly simple and you’ll be ready for those erotic dates in no time!

Before you start your call, create a character and then stick with it. Make it similar to your own personality so it’s easier to be yourself, but without any of those pesky imperfections that you hate. If you hate your shoes size, then adjust it for your call. If you’re a small guy, then on the phone, you’re 6’3” with a massive member. Stay consistent with your character and don’t change your mind on the details, though, or it will get confusing for your partner!

Get to know your partner before starting the sexy talk. Women enjoy an emotional connection before jumping into bed with a guy. Don’t start the call off with sex talk and immediately expect her to be a passionate and exciting lover. Ask her name and what she’s into before trying to get her between the sheets!

Actively listen to what they’re saying. This means that you should listen to her responses when she tells you what she likes. The sex will be better for you both if you listen and incorporate what she likes into your session. It could even be the cause for a second date, if you’re lucky!

When creating your character, don’t change your voice. Not only is it easy to tell when someone is trying to alter their voice, it just sounds silly and can even be annoying after a while. Keep your voice the same and concentrate on things that actually matter, like what you want to do to each other.

Don’t be a jerk. You’d think this would be common sense, but don’t degrade your partner, unless they ask you to. Don’t make fun of them for things they can’t control or change, and don’t shame them for going to bed with you. After all, you’re doing the same thing with them.

Don’t rush it. Enjoy the foreplay, intimacy, and teasing that lead up to the fun. Foreplay is oftentimes more important and pleasurable than the actual sex, and it can be the different between a good call and a great call! Tease her, physically, but playing with her sensitive and intimate areas before jumping into the main event.

Make more noises than usual, like moaning and breathing heavily. Remember that your partner can’t see you, so they have to know how much you appreciate the sex in other ways. The best indicator is by letting them hear how much you enjoy it, either by moaning or even by telling them you like it! Get into it and have fun!

The basics of etiquette seem like they’re pretty simple, and they are. Don’t be mean and have a good time. Be a decent human being when it comes to finding out what your partner likes, and your sexy session will be much more enjoyable!