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Risky Fetishes to Get You Frisky

While many like to stick to the vanilla themes, as you learn to open up and explore more of your kinky side, you may discover a whole new realm of fetishes that strike an interest and get you frisky and ready to venture into a new world of fun.

Most adults nowadays know about the basics which include BDSM, submission, role play and foot fetish, as a result of ongoing exposure through media and the entertainment industry, however, there are many fetishes that remain unspoken yet could trigger intrigue and curiosity to prospect to those willing to play outside the box.

Fortunately for you, Free Chat Girls offers a plethora of adventurous women who are experienced and able to probe on a vast array of fetishes that could get your blood pumping, and arousal levels heightens beyond anything you’ve encountered before.

Here are some fetishes to examine that may trigger your daring side to consider something that you may never have thought about.

Whether giving or receiving, humiliation is a great way to verbally express your aggressive side without having to exert physical attributes. Using your words to instruct someone to obey, do exactly what they are told to do, or initiate name calling such as dirty whore, cum guzzling slut, and bitch.
By visiting our fetish phone sex lines you can convey your desires of humiliation with ease which in turn provides an unbiased and safe environment.

This fetish, while exploring with a partner in person can be a little risk taking, during phone sex it is completely harmless as both parties involved can role play the experience with or without the use of an electric wand. Just the sheer thought of being able to zap your sexy play partners nipples with a light buzz and hearing her groan can heighten your senses. Or maybe you’d like to get a toy where your phone sex partner can provide you with direction as to where to place the toy so that you can truly experience the encounter. Whatever you decide, this fetish is high voltage!

This kink is becoming more popular as heterosexual couples in trusting relationships extend their sexual exploration with a humiliating twist. Cuckolding is the act of the man allowing his woman to have sex with another man and either hearing about the encounter after the interaction OR as he sits idle on the side watching his woman enjoy sex with another in front of him. The advantage of cuckolding during phone sex is that you don’t have to go through the emotional tax and risk of literally having sex with others, but rather, you can explore this kink through dirty talk.

Age Play
It is not uncommon to hear word’s that highlight age during sexual escapades, but if you’ve found yourself turned on by age related terms being tossed around, maybe you’d like to take the next step and flirt with more descriptive terms, if your phone sex partner is consenting. It is advised to start out slowly during such calls which can be expanded upon dependent on the comfort level of both parties involved.

Regardless of what you desire, you are assured complete privacy and confidence when communicating through all of our phone sex lines, which enables you to truly reveal your inner self without judgement and in a safe environment. So, what are you waiting for? There’s an abundance of frisky females waiting for you.