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Bringing the Fireworks to Your Next Chatline Partner

After spending all year getting handsy and enjoying phone sex with your favorite chatline partners, it can become almost habit to go through the motions of pleasuring yourself and your partner, even with the promise of a happy ending. When you call in, you usually know the types of kinks and fetishes you prefer, so you tend to gravitate toward what you know. If you really want to spice things up, though, then approach phone sex the same way you approach a New Years party. You know it will be exciting and you’ll have fun, but you also want to follow the night wherever it takes you without a lot of expectations and plans.

When calling your favorite chatline partners, you may have a favorite position or hand stroke that you always go for, because there’s no reason to change a good thing. But how did you first discover that go-to move? Trying something new and following your partner’s lead taught you something that would become your favorite position later, and the same is possible again! If phone sex chatlines have become a habit and you are just going through the motions, it’s time to take the backseat and let your partner take charge!

When you plan to call into the chatline, it’s perfectly fine to have your preferences and specific fetishes. Switching up your technique and delivery by changing hand or toy angles and motions, though, will keep the same fetishes new and exciting! Try telling your chatline partner what gets you off, then ask them to tell you what to do to fill in the rest of the time, including things like teasing and foreplay.

If you tend to finish quickly because you go straight for that one thing that makes you cum in minutes, then try some new techniques, like edging or domination play where you can’t cum until your partner allows you to do so. Not only will you get to enjoy the sensation longer, but, over time, you will last longer and bring more pleasure to future partners.

For those who always return to the same partner again and again, try changing to a different person, on occasion. New partners can bring new sensations and ideas to a familiar and repetitive act, making it more exciting like the first time every time! Your favorite person can still be your favorite, but by changing your partners every now and again, you’ll find that bringing the new techniques and positions back to your favorite partner will be like bringing fireworks to a barbeque. The cookout was already going to be pleasurable and enjoyable, but the fireworks will make it something to remember!

Changing up your routine will help bring a new passion and excitement to your life and to your phone sex. The passion and excitement will be clear with your partner and your zest will be a highlight in their day. And who knows, maybe you’ll find a new favorite move!