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Portland ME is a great New England city that has a lot to offer. It might seem like a sleepy harbor side town but once you get these freaky residents on the phone they are able to let out the sexy beast that lies within.


Sure the winters are cold and snowy and you might not want to go out to meet someone for sex, but we have the solution for that. When you are feeling that way just pick up the phone and try the phone chat for free that we offer.


  • This enables you to meet people who want to get sexy without having to brave the cold and snow or the heat of summer.
  • You can find just about anyone on the phone whether you want to talk to someone with a fetish for feet or just someone to talk about vanilla sex with.


If you want to get sexy before or after you get on the phone head to one of the stores that offer you sex toys. There is one that is called The Treasure Chest that stays open until 4am so no matter what time your sex needs strike you can always get something.


Just like with our phone chat free line in Portland you won’t need to wait until a certain time or day to talk to someone with a sexy thought in mind, since our lines are open 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. You can even expect to talk to someone on Christmas!


A party line is the number one spot to meet someone because it requires so little effort and time on your part to meet someone fun and sexy. All you have to do is pick up the phone and then the magic will happen for you.


Of any ME free chatting site, this one is hands down the best. To find out why everyone thinks this is so then you will need to give it a try for yourself and with a free trial that idea is a no brainer. Have phone sex now.

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