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I work hard and I play hard. This is a balance that's right for me. Something else that works for me is phone chatlines. As a professional musician, I travel all over the country. When I get back to the hotel after a show, I like to wind down from a stimulating performance with some scintillating phone conversation.


I found this service and it works for me because they offered some very nice perks:



These incentives were music to my ears. What's even better? The very interesting conversations that I enjoy with a lot of very cool ladies. I like a woman who knows how to strum the sweet spot in my soul. We get to talking and soon we're both feeling very good. The ladies tell me that I'm an excellent phone partner.


  • I like to share my hopes and dreams and some of my wildest schemes. I've shared mutual play, stories, and even sung a few songs over the phone. I like to make a lady happy in any way that I can. Believe me, there are a number of ways that I can. Like any good relationship, a phone chat friendship is based on give-and-take. Yes, sexy give and take!
  • I don't mean to brag, but I've made some of those gals sing out pretty loud if you know what I mean.
  • I like a lady who can tell me what's on her mind and some of these girls hold nothing back. There are some women on this phone chat line that are just as wild as I am.
  • I'm really glad that I got to try the phone service out for free. It was a way to see what I liked and what worked for both me and my chat partner.


I also like that the site offers local numbers so that we can talk about a wide range of topics that only the locals know about. You've heard about falling for the girl next door? Now I get to fall for a few very special gals in my local area. I'm on the lookout for the one who wears thigh high black leather boots. She says she's looking for my well-worn brown leather jacket.


A good phone chat conversation is like a good song; there's nothing like a tight duet.


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