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My Fun Phone Chat Secret Life


When I was offered the job of my dreams it entailed moving from the big city that I had grown up in and relocating to a small town where I didn't know a soul. I found the town to be lovely and yet I was lonely.


When my neighbor asked me how I was getting on, I admitted that it was hard to be away from my friends and family. She confided in me that she, too, was lonely at first when she moved here after graduating from college and was out on her own for the first time. Then she disclosed that she found new friends and adventure on an adult chat line.


I told her that as a working woman, I wasn't sure that I could fit something structured into my busy work schedule. She answered that was part of the allure; I could just sign on when I was feeling playful and talk to all kinds of people.


She told me to consider this:


  • Chatlines are an opportunity to practice my communication skills.
  • People were eager to make new friends.
  • I could talk whenever I wanted, on any subject that my conversational partner and I chose.


This was just the ticket to rock my world. I discovered that the line connected me with interesting people. It was the perfect opportunity to discover the sexy, flirty part of my personality that I have to keep under wraps at work. Here I could say anything that my heart desired.

  • The phone chat line opened up a world of adventure to me from the comfort of my own home. Specifically, from the comfort of my big king-sized bed. Friday nights are no longer lonely.
  • I now look forward to taking off my business suit, slipping into something pretty and lacy, lighting a candle, and waiting with anticipation to see who is on the line ready to play with me. Literally as well as figuratively!
  • Now I have all the friendship and excitement that I could ever hope for and it's all thanks to this place, where adults like to chat. Here I can be playful, flirty, and let my hair down.


I love phone chat because it makes me feel desired, admired, and just a little bit naughty. Being naughty can be very nice with the right new friend.


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