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I am a working girl, and I don't mean the kind you might think! My job keeps me very busy, and I plan to dedicate myself to it until I am about 40.


In other words, I have no time for a full-on relationship. Also, one-night stands can turn into situations that might prove distracting or dangerous.


A few years ago, I found an alternative to the hook-up culture. I called sexchat phone lines and learned how to get into dirty conversations that help me deal with my natural desires without the mess of a face-to-face encounter.


In case you are new to phone sex, I will give you an example of my typical call experience. I:


  • Always begin with a glass of wine
  • Take a deep, anticipatory breath while I dial
  • Browse until I find a real gentleman who does not jump right to naughty things
  • Caress my upper thigh and feel my body get aroused


Of course, sometimes I want an atypical exchange. My favorite adult chat line can usually help me with that, too. Either way, my chat line encounters always end with me feeling quite satisfied. After all, I know just how to touch myself while I listen to a passionate man on the other end of the call.


Women can call most adult chatlines for free, so we get to play as long as we like. On the other hand, men usually have to pay, so I advise starting with sex chat numbers that have free trials.


Ladies, since the guys have to spend money for these services, I try to never be a total flirt. I do not end my calling adventure until I know I have made some male as satisfied as my body feels after I climax.


Are you unsure about calling? I was once like you. Now, I am very experienced and quite glad that I made that first call!

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