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Hey, everyone!! I am so excited, because I've found one of the perfect flirt chat lines! I guess I'm a bubbly girl, and I have always had a bit of a flirtatious streak about me! Recently, my boyfriend and I broke up. Around that time, I had a friend suggest I give this phone line a shot. I'm totally glad she did. If you're looking for a great place to have fun with flirt chatting, this is the PERFECT place for you.


I love that I get to chat for free as much as I want whenever I want to. I would probably still use the service even if I had to pay, but free is ALWAYS better! Lol!


I get on pretty much every night - I am single and ready to mingle!! I do mingle a LOT using this party line. Every time I get on, there are some familiar voices as well as some new ones. I've actually made a lot of guy friends on the chat-line. It's very flattering that they always are able to identify me by my voice - it makes me feel so pretty!


I talk a lot with the guys that are regulars on the chatline. We always make small talk and just catch up. It's great to always have someone to talk to about your day. Those guys always want to hear what's going on with me, and the feeling is totally mutual!


The phone line is also great if you're feeling a little bit naughty. You definitely don't have to get naughty with anyone. There's a lot of men who just want some companionship and I love to be the one that provides it for them.


Trust me, you're going to have fun if you get on this line.

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