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Hey, guys. So, I'm definitely way-new to the chatline scene. I haven't actually used it yet - but I'm really thinking about it. A girlfriend of mine recently introduced me to it. Before she said anything, I didn't really know about it. We're sitting there, and she just like, starts telling me I need to "meet new people."


I work in healthcare; I meet new people all the time - apparently, that doesn't count? lol. Anyway, so she starts telling me about phone party lines. I'm not up-to-date I guess, so I'm like, "Well what is a party line?" She tells me it’s basically just a phone chat where people call in and start conversations. I start to tell her that I don't even know if I want to meet new people, but she's one of those girls that just won't take no for an answer.


So why am I rambling on about it? Well, I just want others who are shy to know that it gets some pretty great reviews. My friend is super loud and happy and the center of attention, so that seems right up her alley. I don't know about talking to a lot of different people, but I do have to admit, it could be fun. I don't think I want to be having, you know... like phone sex with people, but if there are others out there that are fine with a good clean chat, I'd get in on that.


I haven't actually "used" the service yet, but I did call in just to kinda give it a feel to see what it’s all about. Apparently, women get free talking time, which is cool. If I had to pay to talk to guys, I probably wouldn't do it. From my understanding, you basically just say your name and a short message and then you can hear others that are on the line.


Like I said, I'm pretty shy about that kind of stuff, but my friend has pretty much talked me into it. I don't think it would hurt anything. I wish I had some other "noobs" to talk to about this (lol).


I really think I'm gonna give it a chance. I mean, what have I got to lose right? She said she loves it, and she meets new people on it all the time.


After I call it and get a feel for it, I'll come back and write some more for those of you that are still a little wary about it like me.


Happy chatting!


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