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Men tend to be afraid of what they are. Men in society are shunned for their sexuality. If a man likes a younger woman, he is a pervert.  If he wants a threesome, he's a sexual freak. Men and women all have fantasies.  I do not care who you are. I remember in middle school, my math teacher would always pick on me.


She did not do it in a bad way, trust me. I always was turned on by an authoritative figure. As a kid, I loved "Hot for Teacher" by Van Halen.


I would even tell you that the word "MILF" was a word embedded in my head when I watched "American Pie" when I masturbated to that movie. I am just turned on by women older than me. I just love how they look. I guess you could say the "mature" look. I remember having crushes on my teachers in school but the math teacher in 6th grade was flirting with me. I knew in my heart she was.


I have tried to find special groups online who love mature women, but I found nothing. I was up a bit late one night and this amazing commercial comes on. It was about a phone chat. It immediately turned me on.  My first reaction was to try to find a free phone chat line. I found one and I have been using it every since.


I have no regrets about my decision. I did not care if the chat was free or not, I can finally live out my fantasy and so can you! Don't be shy about calling a chat line. You will be glad you called. I will tell you the reasons why you should pick up the phone and call.


  • You will not be ostracized. The chat line is designed for us. I wanted a mature woman.  You can have any woman you want.
  • Be Yourself. If I went up to a mature woman in real life, I would be embarrassed but not on the phone.
  • Learn more about what you like. You can find out a lot by talking to someone all the time.
  • 100% discreet. No one will know who you are.


Make all of your fantasies come true. Call a chat line. Every man should try it at least once. It will change your life!

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