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Sex Chatting: My Guilty Pleasure


A lot of people would never admit to the fact that they use sex chatlines to chat with men and women, but I have absolutely no problem saying that it's something that I really enjoy. I guess you could say that it's like my guilty pleasure.


Some people like to go out on the town, and some like to drink or get high. For me, I just like to go home after work, relax and unwind and call one of my favorite chatlines to talk to men.


When I first started sex chatting, I found it to be a little bit intimidating. In no time, though, I loosened up and began to feel comfortable. It's surprising just how comfortable you can feel when you're chatting with strangers, even when you are talking about your wildest fantasies. Being a single woman, I get a little bit lonely sometimes, but chatting in the evenings has really helped with this. In fact, I think that it's a better option than dating because:


  • It's safer. I don't have to worry about getting attacked or having someone put something in my drink. In today's world, you can never be too careful, especially if you are a woman, and I always feel comfortable and safe when I'm chatting from the comfort of my own home.
  • It's anonymous. I can really let loose and say what I want to say without worrying about being embarrassed or judged. It's a great way to get my fantasies out there. I've talked about things that I've never felt comfortable sharing with boyfriends in the past, for example.
  • I have the option for variety. In a more traditional dating setting, I may have to sit through a date with a guy who I really don't click with. This isn't the case with chatting, though. I can stop talking to someone if we just aren't hitting it off.
  • It's cheaper. I'm working on paying off my student loans, and paying for cabs, drinks, expensive going-out clothes and everything else can be expensive. Since ladies chat free, I don't have to worry about spending money when I'm chatting. It's like a really great guilty pleasure that doesn't cost me a dime at all! Even for the guys that have to pay, the prices are surprisingly reasonable when compared to the sometimes pricey cost of going out, especially if you are accustomed to going out every weekend or all throughout the week.

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