TrumpSingles A New Dating Platform For Conservatives

TrumpSingles – A New Dating Platform For Conservatives

If you’re a Trump supporter looking for love, then trumpsingles com might be the site for you. It’s a dedicated dating platform for conservatives, and it promises to make dating great again.

Trump followers and users of the site are not merely found in the US, as consumers hail from 37 different nations. Australian people compensate the largest portion of non-American users.

Political leanings don’t matter

In a time of political polarization, two websites for MAGA-supporters have emerged: Trump Dating and TrumpSingles. They’re part of a group of right-wing apps that include Conservatives Only, Patrio and Righter.

The websites cater to Trump supporters, though many of them aren’t interested in hooking up with a partisan. They may be “in the closet” about their political views and are reluctant to let a potential partner know, or they may live in liberal cities where they have no interest in dating a Trump supporter.

When Dave, who used to be concerned about disclosing his political leanings, joined the site, he discovered people who expressed their own conventional values, doing away with much of the guesswork. He notes that he was able to find a date quickly on the site, whereas he had no luck for a year or more on other platforms.

As he mentioned, he and his friends didn’t notice the political polarization that characterized the presidential election until after 2015. But they were not alone in seeing how political affiliation has changed the dating game.

It’s chivalrous

Whether you are a Republican or a Democrat, trumpsingles com is a great option for those looking to meet someone with similar political leanings. The site enables users to find people who share their conservative values, eliminating much of the guesswork.

The website also has dating advice pages for men and women. One page explains that it is important to “let the man plan the date”.

Another suggests that it is best not to talk about your politics too much on a first date. This is because it can lead to a conflict of interests and make the date unpleasant for everyone involved.

Dave Masini, president of trumpsingles com, told Business Insider that many of the website’s members have found partners quickly. This is especially true for those who have been having no luck on other platforms for a year or more. He notes that TrumpSingles has also pulled in enough money to cover its costs and allow Goss to reinvest in the company.

It’s easy

TrumpSingles has exploded in popularity since it was launched on election night. It’s now pulling in enough cash to support its founder, Dave Goss, and his business partner.

When he first launched it, he hoped the site would last just a few months, but it’s become a success. Today, Goss says he has more than 18,000 active accounts.

The site allows users to search for others based on their location, interests and physical characteristics. Daters can also send each other messages without becoming a member, but those who want to communicate regularly need a subscription.

Dave notes that many people find dates on the site quickly — whereas they might have had no luck for a year or more on other dating apps. Similarly, users understand their political leanings won’t be a dealbreaker when it comes to finding love.

As a result, it’s easy to see why so many people are flocking to the platform. The website has drawn international attention, with articles and television interviews appearing in 17 countries.

It’s free

TrumpSingles com is a free dating site aimed at finding love among singles who support presumptive presidential nominee Donald Trump. It was launched in May and has attracted 500 users, most of them in Washington, D.C., New York and Los Angeles, the site says.

One of its founders, Dave Goss, says it is a safe place for Trump supporters to find dates. He said he was inspired to create the site after hearing about several dates that failed when a date revealed their political leanings.

He also notes that many users found partners quickly on the site, whereas they had no luck for a year or more on other platforms. It’s a way to connect with people with whom you share common interests, he explained.

The site surveyed 182 cities and reported that a significant portion of its customers were white, which is likely because of the broad swathe of voters who backed the Republican candidate. However, Goss said the site is open to all political beliefs.