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Moaning Your Way Out of Seasonal Depression

Melatonin, serotonin, oxytocin, cortisol, and dopamine. No, these are not things you can buy from the shady guy down on the corner that always looks like he’s hiding something. These are all chemicals that are produced by your brain during certain situations. Seasonal depression causes an excess of cortisol and a large deficit of all the other “happy chemicals” that your brain is supposed to make throughout your day-to-day life. When you think about it, seeing all the sexual goddesses on the beach replacing their barely-there bikinis with hoodies and flannel is enough to make anyone feel a little blue.

The sudden lack of legs and breasts at every turn can make your sex drive drop while your body and mind adjust to the change. Even if you have someone near and dear to you, like a spouse or a long-term partner, you may still need to adjust your mindset and get those juices flowing again for the colder months. Phone sex can help with this!

Phone sex encourages you to touch yourself in the most intimate ways and you’ll never miss the right spot. You feel every brush of your skin, every sweet caress, and every stroke of pleasure. Your partner is whoever you want them to be, whether they are a green-eyed giantess in the mountains or a tiny blonde runway model straight off the stage in Milan. You get to experience the impossible positions and situations that you’ve never dreamed of before without ever leaving your room or feeling as though you’ve cheated on your spouse.

Do you long for more pleasure than one woman can possibly provide? Or maybe you want to explore all of the options available before deciding on your favorite temptress. Chatline girls don’t get jealous or angry when you decide to go for the gauntlet and give each and every one a try over time. You can even go for threesomes or ask your partner to join in with the action! Your options are limitless, in both women and positions.

But how does this actually help you feel less blue and more festive? All of those happy chemicals that we talked about are produced with the wonderful and exciting moment of orgasm. From the moment that hot, sticky fluid leaves your body, your brain starts producing oxytocin and dopamine, which make you happy and relaxed, and serotonin and melatonin which help you sleep. You’ll finally get a good night’s rest and wake up feeling refreshed and happy, all because you took the time to pleasure yourself with a little help from a sexual professional.