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Improving Your Moves Without Cheating on your Partner

We all have a desire to be a better lover for our partner, or at least for any future partners. No one wants actively strives to cheat on their partners, though, to reach that improvement, and porn is extremely unrealistic when it comes to scenarios and positions that the professionals get paid to pull off. Naturally, this means that the best way to get better in bed is to chat with a phone chat girl and practice with yourself while getting tips and ideas, without ever cheating on your partner.

When you call in, you get to practice talking through the moves with phone sex. You can learn different moves, ask questions, and think about whether it’s something you want to try to your partner before you even try it. If it sounds like something you’ll enjoy, practice it on yourself with a toy so you can learn how it’s done!

With different phone sex partners, you can learn new moves that you’ve never heard of and look them up later if you’re having trouble understanding the position. You can find a diagram for anything online, and now you’ll have something specific to look for.

If you don’t like what you find online, you can also get recommendations to find books or articles online with pictures of new moves and techniques. Phone chat girls know and look for hundreds of new moves from all sorts of sources, so they are happy to give you some ideas on places to look to get better in bed, too!

If you’re ever unsure of a certain position or kink, get feedback from phone chat partners on their opinions of trying moves in person. Most partners are happy to tell you what their favorite moves and positions are and give you a few ideas for similar moves at the same time!

Chatting with different phone sex partners can also help improve your “talking dirty” skills without feeling self-conscious. This is a person you will likely never meet in person, so you will never look foolish in front of them, and you can try all your latest pickup lines and erotic suggestions on them to see how they sound when said aloud.

The best part of trying new things with chatline girls is that never having contact with a chat line partner means you’re not cheating on your partner any more than if you were watching porn. You don’t have to worry about a guilty conscience at the end of your call, since all you did was talk. There is no emotional bond and no physical contact, so you are not cheating in any capacity!

Get better in bed for your partner and see the difference it makes in your sex life!