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Being The Best First Phone Chat Possible

Once you’ve used this local chat line to find that person you want to get to know more or have some sexy playtime with, you want to start your first experience with your best foot forward. You’re already in a great spot, but there are some things you can do to set things up to keep going strong. It all starts with the beginning.

Punctuality Is Key

Being fashionably late is old fashioned! After setting a time up, show up for a first call on time to give your phone chat partner a great first impression. Bonus points if you have some conversation topics in mind to start things off smoothly. Your phone sex friend should be understanding if one of you is a little bit late but planning ahead can help avoid this. Phone chat fun happens from the comfort of your home, making it even easier to be on time.

Use Respect

Showing respect for your chat partner is important, but you should also be considerate to others you chat about. Keep things positive, respectful, and keep things pleasant. That will give the other person an excellent impression of you. If you have questions, word them politely. First impressions leave a lasting impact.

Expressions While Chatting

People can hear other people’s moods and expressions over the phone, in their voice. This phenomenon has been studied at length. Get in touch with your emotions and use expressions to show other people your feelings with your voice. It’s ok to laugh, relax, and engage with a tone that matches what you are feeling. People can get pretty passionate over the phone and being true to your feelings is ideal.

Talk And Listen

You’ve already clinched some time with a fantastic person over the phone with one of these local chat lines, so you don’t need to try any pickup lines or anything. Be honest and represent yourself honestly. People appreciate when others are candid, and open communication can lead to some fantastic and sexy fun.

Shaking It Up On A First Date

Chat lines are excellent for meeting someone special. Whether you’re looking for something deep or a hook up, talk to someone on the phone or online and determine if you’re looking for the same thing. If you connect, you can move forward and have a fantastic time together. When thinking of ideas for a first chat, don’t be afraid to think outside of the box because doing something memorable can have a fantastic impact.

Set The Environment

Lots of first dates happen in bars and that is because it is an easy place to go where you can either choose to spend a lot of time or a little time. Phone chats can be done anywhere. Pick a place that is quiet, comfortable, and is not likely to see interruptions. You can also yourself a little more memorable by choosing to do something unique. Have quiet music in the background if you’d like. Set up a call where you are both eating dinner before maybe having some sexy fun over the phone together. There are many options. Talk to the other person and make suggestions yourself as well. Trying something new can make your time go even better.

Forget About Goals For A Bit

Of course you have a goal in mind for your phone chat. Perhaps it’s to get a second chat, and perhaps it is to get a hook up just for tonight. Early in the call, however, just try being present and forgetting about your goals for a bit. Let things develop naturally and see where it takes you. You might be surprised!

Dial Back The Drinking

Drinking on a first phone chat is something that happens sometimes, though it is not recommended. It can help to grease the wheels leading to a hook up in real life dating, but you will get to know someone better if you keep things more informal, casual, and relaxed.

Making It To A Second Chat

Once you’ve met someone on a chat line you will probably want to keep the fun going. The more you know about a person, the better things can get after all. This could be anything from a quick play session to a whole evening of chatting and getting to know each other. Whatever your first chat turns out to be, some people find they are nervous about getting past the first one and turning them into a more regular thing, whether that is a hook up or ongoing social hangouts over the phone. Here’s how you can ensure that you get onto the second chat!

Playing Yourself Up Can Help – But Not Too Much

A lot of people have a tendency to put themselves down because they don’t want to brag. The first chat is the time to be positive about yourself. Positivity will create confidence which is always attractive. Of course, don’t brag too much, but focus on your positive qualities instead of your negative ones.

Pay Attention During The Chat

Show your potential match that you’re interested in what they have to say. Repeat some of the things they say back, ask engaging questions that are positive and easy, and take note of turn-ons, hobbies, and likes they share. These can all be useful for later interactions.

Avoid Ex Talk 

Keep things in the moment and focus on you and the other person you are chatting with. Talking too much about your ex might make things go a little less smoothly. If you want to chat about past relationships, get consent first. Some people are more comfortable with doing this than others.

Read Conversation Cues

One thing that can be awkward on a first chat, and even on first dates, is when there is an awkward pause in the conversation. Before the chat, come up with some questions to ask your phone chat match in case of awkwardness. That way you’ll always be prepared to combat those pauses in conversation.

Whether you want a regular hook up or deeper social connections, follow these tips for making it to a second chat and beyond.