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I Met a Stranger and Had Phone Sex Thrills


I never saw myself as someone who would chat with strangers, but I gave a chatline a call and happily discovered new interests and delights.


So far, my life has been simple. I got good grades in school, I have always worked hard, and I now own a business. Still, I have yet to find the mate for me.


Most days, I am a tame sort of dude, but I recently decided that I needed to seek out more thrills. Late last Saturday, I called a number for a line that offers the chance to chat with girls. I was nervous.


Soon, my anxiousness grew into pure excitement. I got on the line with a sweet and happy-sounding young woman named Susan. She turned out to be someone I could see meeting in the real world. Even if we never cross paths on the street, I will always be glad that we chatted.


We must have talked for more than an hour before things turned toward our lustful passions. I had a blast simply getting to know Susan. In fact, we shared common interests, which included:


  • Skiing
  • Craft beer
  • Sleeping naked
  • Erotic massage


Obviously, that last item kicked things to the next level for us. Soon, I learned things about Susan that I would bet she has revealed to very few people.


Susan connected with me so easily that I would almost swear that I felt her hand reach through the phone, dance up my thigh and unzip my pants. I am sure you can imagine what happened next. It's a good thing I had a nearby box of tissues!


I will definitely call again. If I do not get to speak with Susan, maybe I can enjoy the thrilling company of a Jane or a Juanita.

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