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A Guide to Creating a Chick-Magnet Greeting For Chat Lines


There is something fun about party lines that I cannot put my finger on. I will try to explain why I love these lines so much. Of course, like many others, I started with those first free 10 minutes offered by an adult chat line, and I heard a few voices that interested me.


There are a lot of partyline numbers, but I would suggest that you stick with local calls unless you do not want to meet the girls. Yes, with enough time, the chances are high that you will meet someone from one of the chatlines; just remember to be true, and there is bound to be a girl who is interested in you.


I found that the key in making sure that you are successful is all about creating a good introduction. The introduction is recorded beforehand and then uploaded. Girls will hear this introduction and will decide if they want to give you an opportunity to talk to them based solely on that introduction.


This means that it is definitely crucial that you get it right. Do not worry my man because I have a few ideas to help make sure that you score a few chicks on there like the following:


  • It is important to be literate when you leave your message and talk. Slang is okay, but it usually does not work. You want to sound like you are educated but fun. Education makes you seem responsible, which can be attractive to a woman.


  • Do not talk about the physical aspects of what you want in a woman. Talk about the kind of woman that you want to meet, which women will find more alluring.


  • Be sure to throw in a little bit of humor in your message, but make sure that it is genuine.


  • Start your greeting with something unusual rather than simply saying 'hello' or 'what's up.' Both of these greetings are tired and are likely to sound like any other person on the lines. You want to stand out, which means you have to start a little differently.


  • Be specific when describing any interest that you want to share. Saying that you like movies is not as interesting as mentioning the genre or a specific film. Besides, this is likely to connect you with a hot chick that you are actually compatible with.


  • Remember that a woman likes some confidence but not too much. It is okay to mention something self-effacing. As an example, you can mention something you would like to apologize for beforehand, like your strange sense of humor.


Hopefully, some of these tips can help you get the girls when you finally start using those chat lines.

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