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I have always been a flirty sort of girl. I like men and men like me. Now that I'm married, I thought the days of other men paying attention to me were over. I adore my man, don't get me wrong, it's just that I need to have a little variety in my love life. They say that variety is the spice of life and I do like things spicy.


In fact, I like things downright hot! This goes for everything from my food to my loving.


  • I desire my husband, but let's just say that just because you're on a diet doesn't mean that you can't look at the menu. So, what's a highly sexed housewife to do? I found my answer when I discovered flirt party lines. Chatlines are just my thing because I can have all the fun I want and on my own terms.
  • Over the phone, I can say anything that comes into my head and believe me, it can get pretty wild in there. I like to find a man who can keep up with me. Nothing is too kinky for this girl. I think that I've tried everything in bed and what I like I want to repeat. Sometimes I get so hot and bothered that I am nearly panting into the phone.
  • It's not just sex stuff. Like I have this one friend who introduced me to classical music. I didn't think I'd like that type of song but my friend was so smart that I thought I'd give it a try with an open heart.
  • Now I really like some of that classical music. In return, I turned him on to new music trends. He's now listening to all kinds of tunes that he didn't even know existed. See, that's what friends do, they bring us pleasure in all kinds of unexpected ways.


When my man is on the road, I'm happy as a sexed-up clam at home. I just sign in and wait for a friend to call me and whisper spicy words of loving into my ear.


Reach out, get connected, and hook up with somebody fun through adult phone chat is my motto. I like to talk with somebody new and very hot! When words of loving pour into my ear I am a very happy girl.


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