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I Laughed so Hard!


I am a stand-up comedian who tours from New Mexico to Florida, and I am based Memphis. Before you ask, I won't just tell you a joke. Comedians hate that request. It's like asking a doctor for free medical care!


Anyway, I have been calling Memphis chat lines for a few years. Most of them keep me just interested enough to stay on the phone a bit, but I usually feel as though I could take or leave the experience. In fact, I have gone months without calling a chatline because I just was not intrigued for a while.


Now, this line has a repeat caller in me! It is very different from other free trial phone chatting numbers that serve this area, and it keeps me interested.


The aspects I most like about this adult chatting line include:


  • Its diverse array of female callers at all times of day or night
  • The fun topics I can discuss with the girls I connect with on this line
  • The fact that the topic can frequently change from fun to naughty


I have had very memorable conversations with the girls on this line.


Once, I called this number and started talking to a young woman who turned out to be very funny. I hope she does not go into comedy because I don't need the competition. She told me a hilarious story about her misadventures with a former boyfriend that involved a tandem bicycle and a rainy day. I laughed so hard that I got hard!


To say the least, I was thrilled to talk to her, and I hope we cross paths on the chat line again.


If I never talk to her another time, I will still be glad to call this line. It has given me several of my top memories from my life off of the comedy stage.


I foresee myself calling this number for as long as I am single. Given my road-travelling lifestyle, that could be a long time!


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