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I'm a shy guy. I did not like to talk at all when I was a teen. It's funny because when I was a kid, I was the class clown and in my family I was the one who was the center of attention. If you would have told me once I became a teenager that my whole personality would change I would have told you, you are crazy.


Well, I did change and it wasn't a good change. Online chatting back in the late 1990's wasn't a thing like it is now. I was 15 years old and I was on AOL Instant Messenger doing things I shouldn't be doing.


What do I mean?


  • My best friend was on AOL too and he would pretend to be a woman on a lesbian chat woman. He would trade nude photos with "women" and this became my new hobby. It didn't matter who was on the other side of the screen, I wanted nude photos!
  • My best friend in high school called phone sex operators all the time, but I never did it. He would have her on speaker phone and I would chuckle the whole time like an idiot. I did not take it seriously.


I am getting older now and it seems like my sex drive is increasing and it's not slowing down at all! I am like most men who are obsessed with porn on the Internet. I got tired of that, so I started watching movies with unsimulated sex, such as "9 Songs." These were movies with real sex scenes. That phase passed me by and I wanted even more.


I decided to go ask a good friend of mine about phone sex. I asked him, "is sex chatting fun?" He replied, "hell yeah it is!" The look on his face and the inflection in his voice was all I needed at the moment. I decided to try this out. I have never had any sex chats in my life besides cyber sex but I wanted to try it over the phone.


I wanted to be my best friend in high school who would talk to girls on the phone 24/7. Sex chatting is something new and it is always fun. I can talk to different women every day and it never gets old. My first sex chat experience changed me and it'll change you, too!

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