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I am loving this chatline. In my area, it's not always the easiest thing to meet like-minded people, but after I started calling this line, I have a ton of people that I click with.


I'm a guy in college, so I love to have a good time. Party lines like this are exactly what I'm looking for. There's always tons of people to talk to. I prefer to actually talk on the phone rather than use internet chat rooms, because you feel like you're actually talking to a REAL person. There's just this level of trust by hearing someone's voice that's reassuring that you're actually talking to a real female.


I've also used this line to meet single girls that are relatively close to me. You can basically weed out the people you're not interested in to narrow down that one person you really enjoy talking to. Ladies have told me it is free for them to chat, but guys have to pay for it. I mean, but if you're spending money to go out and meet women, I think this is actually saving you money. (My parents pretty much support me while I'm in school, so saving money this way matters - lol.)


So yeah, basically I use this chat line for dating as well as general social-ness. Of course, I have my frat friends and classmates, but it's still nice to be able to meet new people. There's always fresh voices on the chat line and that provides major appeal to me!


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