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Top 3 Myths About Phone Chat Lines


Phone chat lines or chat hotlines have garnered a bad rap in some social circles. Still, who really knows the truth between fact and fiction? So, set aside any of your possible misconceptions and take heed as we prepare to debunk the top three myths about phone chat:


Myth One:

Chat Lines Are a Thing of The Past


While home phones or landlines may be old school and someday a thing of the past, telephone chat is here to stay. In fact, you can call these lines from a landline, your smartphone or really any portable tech device that’s compatible with a chatlines software.


People of all different ages and backgrounds are now using chatting lines from their mobile devices as well as from their home phones. As long as people want to meet other people there will always be numbers for adults to connect with each other.


Myth Two:

Talk Lines Are Staffed with Nothing but Paid Operators


Whether it’s in Miami or anywhere else, it costs money to run an adult partyline. It would cost even more to staff them with paid operators. While some lines do employ monitors for certain time periods, the fact is, it is cheaper to simply allow some callers--often women--to access these lines for free.


As long as some people can use the line for free, there will always be someone to reach when you call. Some of these adult party lines even make a point of specifically advertising that they never use paid operators. People who call often want to chat or even meet real, local singles.


However most guys and gals really prefer to talk with someone that is interesting and if that happens to be a paid phone actress; then they are happy.


Phone actresses are gals who love to convo with a stranger and getting paid for it. They are chatting because they are not only good at it; but it’s their passion!


Myth Three:

Everyone Who Uses Chat Lines is Desperate


Not everyone who calls is desperate. Each caller has his or her own reasons. Some people call because they are curious.


Some people call because they don’t want to go out and yet others call because it is convenient. Still, others might call because they are curious or have personal issues. No matter what, though, they are all looking to connect with someone--to do anything from just chat or hookup with or even to someday date and perhaps even marry.


They are people who have busy lives and know their time is valuable. Rather than waste time at a club or bar or leaving it up to chance--they get on the phone and dial a chatline. They want to take charge, cut through all of the nonsense and speak to someone immediately.


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