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Give Her Multiple Orgasms By Phone

There are some tried and true methods to give your bae multiple orgasms. Whether you are calling in to one of our phonesex chat lines or getting busy in the back seat of your car, we are all about making sure you are informed of the best tips, tricks and trends to make her moan. Our free phone dating numbers are a great way to break the ice and meet new people if you don’t have a steady babe in your life.  

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Even if you do have a steady, our phone sex chat lines are a great way to blow off some steam when your hottie is busy! So, get started with a local phone chat free trial and see if you agree with the tips we are about to bestow on you. Seriously, they work great for having amazing phone sex as well!

Orgasmic Phone Sex Free Trial
Orgasmic Phone Sex Free Trial

So, one of the biggest tips we can give you when it comes to having great phone sex (and sex in general) is to build up that anticipation! Make it last, take your time. The more you create and work that sexual tension, the bigger the orgasms will be when you get there. Tease your lover, work her over, make her want it. The more desire she builds up the better your chances for giving her a second orgasm!

Now that we told you to build it up, we are going to suggest you give it a break! No really. After your bae has her first orgasm, give her a bit of time to recoup. The clitoris is VERY sensitive after an orgasm and sometimes it needs a bit of time to get ready for the next big thing. But there are plenty of other erogenous zones you can play with to keep her amped up and wanting more. The ladies tell is this is a great time for a little rimming!

Get ready to bring it back up after your little hiatus because now she’s probably ready for round two! For the second act, you can stick to your tried and true method of getting her off or you can try a little something new and see what it brings. We hope it brings lots of orgasms!

Now that you are armed with some pretty serious sex knowledge, we think you should call in for a phone sex free trial and see if you can build her up, make her cum, let her rest and make her cum again! Our operators love to talk about sex and they really like to be loud for you when they orgasm!