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Say What? Modern Dating Terms and Abbreviations

Navigating your way through modern nontraditional dating platforms can present a unique set of challenges for the uninitiated. Older people as well as those to whom English is a second language can find all the terms and abbreviations mystifying and intimidating.  These definitions of some of the most commonly used terms and abbreviations will help you to jump into the fray with confidence!

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  1. NSA-  No Strings Attached.  . This means that they are looking to have a good time with no commitment. A one night stand essentially.
  2. FWB- Friends with Benefits. This is a little different than no strings attached. Having fun and hanging out together with casual sex thrown into the mix. Not searching for a commitment, just looking to have a good time.
  3. LTR- Long Term Relationship. This person is seeking the  commitment of a traditional relationship and looking for a significant other to build a life with.
  4. LDR- Long Distance Relationship. Looking for or not opposed to a relationship that will be mostly online and over the phone.
Modern Dating Trial Chatline
Modern Dating Trial Chatline

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