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Have you ever met someone online (or even in real life)  and the two of you seem to really hit it off? There you are, texting back and forth throughout the day, getting to know each other better and everything seems to be going great. You laugh at the same things and like the same books and movies. It’s exciting and you’re having so much fun with your new friend, thinking about taking it to the next level even. Everything seems awesome and you have that happy hopeful feeling fluttering in your tummy.

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Then one day it just…stops. They stop calling and texting you, and when you try you either get curt, one word answers or stony silence. This is called ‘ghosting’ and it happens a lot. It can be devastating to be ghosted and leave you reeling with unanswered questions, the biggest and most hurtful one being “what did I do wrong?’  The truth? Probably nothing.

Free Widower Phone Chatline
Free Widower Phone Chatline

Our modern day devices are a mixed blessing, while they make connecting with others easier than ever before they also create a barrier. Some people lose sight of the fact that it’s a real person on the other end and that their actions may hurt that person, and also some just don’t care.

Being ghosted is hurtful for sure, but don’t be hard on yourself. Be glad you dodged a bullet. Ghosting is such a weak and cowardly action, do you really want someone like that?  No way! A great way to get your mind off of that jerk and put a smile back on your face is with free chat lines. It is free to try and ladies always chat for free. It’s safe, discreet and anonymous with all local people in your area looking for sexy phone encounters. The atmosphere is welcoming and friendly with plenty of spicy talk and fun flirting. So stop being haunted by the ghosts of jerks past and come have fun at a sexy chat!