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How to Tell if She Likes You Over The Phone

So you had some time using the phone chat service for dating and you finally found a lady you like. Hooray! You have spent some time talking with her over the phone and maybe have even have experienced phone sex together.

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You may be wondering if the lady you’re interested likes you. You may be unsure or perhaps she is giving you mixed signals. There are usually cues that you can tell whether or not she likes you but with phone dating you need to listen and you cannot see your partner. Maybe you think she likes you enough to have fun over the phone but unsure about in-person dating.

Phone Chat Service for Dating
Phone Chat Service for Dating

Some of the signs you should listen for when phone dating in order to make a good decision on whether or not your phone friend has interest in you is if she answers your questions and talks a bunch about her life. She could ask you questions and be engaging also. That’s a positive sign that she likes you and has mutual interest in you.

Another sign that she likes you is that she laughs at your jokes and laughs at the way you say something and shows that she thinks it’s cute. Try asking her out is the next step. Is she showing you the signs to go for it? Now that you know what to listen to you know when to take actions. So make the move and ask her out. She will likely say yes and then you can meet in-person.Maybe she asks you out instead and she shows you she likes you by taking action. She may feel more comfortable being herself and asking you out through a dating platform like the phone lines. So if she asks you out, you know she’s interested and it’s time to go on an amazing first in-person date