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Does Size Matter? Over the Phone it Really Doesn’t

Now it no longer matters what size you are and if your confidence needs a boost you should definitely join the phone dating community. Get to really know people and find out if the connection is a good match in a matter of minutes. When you find someone to speak with enjoy getting to know the person over the phone by active listening and responding to them in kind. Ask them questions that offer open communication that allows you to know more about them.

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Talk about yourself and offer details about your life to your phone friend. Really cultivate the kind of relationship you want by building a strong foundation of trust, mutual respect, and intimacy. After time has passed and you keep growing your relationship with your phone friend, ask her or him out on an in-person date. And then you can explore your relationship in a deeper way.

Join the Phone Dating Community
Join the Phone Dating Community

Pick a place that would be symbolic for both of you or do something classic. It really does not matter where you end up going on your date as by this point it’s likely that both of you like each other quite a lot and you will finally get to spend some quality time with one another and enjoy yourselves. Continue to show your personality through your word choices and your actions. Speak to one another in any way that shows how you feel. You can do something casual like take a walk with some warm tea or you can do something unforgettable and adventurous like skydiving or something else.

After some time has passed you will look back at this day and realize what you did for yourself when you tried phone dating for the first time. You will learn about all the things that you were once worried about have vanished has you have learned more about yourself, know more of what you want and how to get it.