Talk about sexy times and sex f

Great Conversation Topics for Phone Chat

If you’re not sure what to speak about during a phone date try some of these fun suggestions. There are many topics to speak about but some will catch a lady’s attention even more so than others.

Talk about sexy times and sex 1-855-242-8247

Women love talking about travel because it opens the doors on their favorite locations, where they wish they could vacation or see in their lifetime, and learn about the often times crazy stories about adventures they have been through while in a different place than their home town or residence.

Talk about sexy times and sex
Talk about sexy times and sex

Talk about bad past dates like tinder dates or other forms of dating other than phone dating. There are likely some funny and maybe embarrassing stories that will be brought up. This could be a fun way to get to know someone.

Talk about sexy times and sex. After all you may want to move the phone date to phone sex so why not open the conversation up to be about past sexy times. This could be fun, exciting, and sexy. If they don’t want to talk about sex, you can hear it in their voice or the way they want to communicate and you should just respect this boundary. If this is a new phone friend, you may need to have a couple of conversations prior to getting all hot and heavy and talk about under the sheets and other the clothes stories and likes after getting to know one another a little bit.Phone dating is unlike any other kind of dating. It allows you to forget about what people look like and what their status is and focus on what’s important, common interests, how you both connect, and then the superficial stuff can come into play later. Give it a go and see for yourself. You can meet many different kinds of people personality wise and wants are also varied on the chat lines.