Foreplay Oral Positions f

New Oral Positions to Try

The bed is a fun place to have sex but it isn’t always the best place to go because you can get stuck in a rut with the positions, especially when it comes to foreplay times like oral sex. Here are some new ideas for positions for this so that you can have some experimental fun with the friends you may make on our hot phone lines.

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These phone lines are here for you whenever you need them. They are open for sexy chats 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They are even here and busy on holidays like Christmas and Thanksgiving. People want to chat every single day of the year and we’re always here for you because of that.

Foreplay Oral Positions
Foreplay Oral Positions

So here are some things you can try to spice it up!

Get on all fours. This is a unique position for oral sex because you usually do it while the girl is reclining. But all fours is a unique position in which to eat pussy and it is nice because it also allows you to get access to everything. The booty is exposed and it’s just a totally unique view that can lead to some really orgasmic moments. It’s totally hot for people who prefer booty over boobs.

Standing is another wild position for oral that sounds outrageous but it is totally good. Have the girl press against the wall and then kneel in front of her. Make sure you use your hands to spread everything apart and make things good and even better. You probably never even thought of trying this before!

So when you need to find someone to have oral sex with you can just get on the phone line and find the person that you want to talk to. There are tons of people here who love oral as much as you do!