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Cardi B’s Relationship Advice

Cardi B is a star of our time. She is funny in the way that she talks and she always has something smart to say. Well, now here she is with some dating advice that could be good for you. When Khloe Kardashian’s boyfriend allegedly cheated on her (when she was preggo and about to pop no less) Cardi came on the line with some great advice that anyone could follow.

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1. Just do you

Cardi says that you should just do “whatever your heart feels like doing.” If that means being sad and hitting your pillow, do that, if that means going back and having breakup sex, do that. If that means getting on a sex phone line and finding someone new to have a good time with, then do that. The phone line for dating is always here when you need it. It’s open 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, even on the best of holidays!

Get practical Dating Advice
Get practical Dating Advice

2. Go where you like to go, find someone there

Another time Cardi gave another excellent piece of dating advice. She suggests that if you want to find someone sexy to hang out with, you could go to a place that you like to go, where your type of people tend to hang out. Cardi says she would be most likely to find someone at the strip club, but that maybe you could find someone at a library if that’s more your speed. The phone line is probably a good place for just about anyone!

3. Don’t use online dating

When asked if online dating was a good place to find a “winter boo” Cardi says no. She says it’s not that cool for a few reasons. She likes to meet someone in person a bit better. Another option that might be better in our opinion is a phone line. This is where you can meet all sorts of hot and horny people and you can find a boo for any season that you want!