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Major Dating Red Flag to Avoid

There is something that happens when you are dating someone who you really like which could be a major red flag. If this happens to you, it’s time to end the relationship and get back onto the phone line to find a new date. If it happens don’t get too upset because it gives you all of the information about a person that you need to know.

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So what is this major faux pas? Well, if you have been dating someone for a while and they refuse to introduce you to their friends or family, that is a major sign that something is not right.

Call our line to find a new date
Call our line to find a new date

This could be because they are cheating and you are not the main dish in their life. Their friends know their other partner more than you so they don’t have the gall to introduce you. Their life could be a lot easier if they would just open up their relationship and try polyamory, but maybe they aren’t ready for that for whatever reason. If you want to stop all of that wondering, just get on the phone lines to get with someone who wants to hang out with you!

Another reason they might not introduce you to their friends is if they’re not feeling serious about the relationship. That is all fine and good because if you are a both on the same page then it doesn’t matter, but if you would rather have a more serious relationship and they wouldn’t, you shouldn’t stick around.

Just get back on the phone lines and find someone new who will get on the same page as you for sexy chatting times. It’s free to try with a 30 minute free trial and there are so many people who have enjoyed doing it that you will find out why they keep coming back when you pick up the phone!