Sex and Dating Phone lines f

Keep a Good House for Hook Ups

When you are on the phone lines for sex and dating you never know when someone is going to want to come over to hook up. That’s why you should always keep your house in good enough shape that you could clean it up in about 10 minutes so you could always be ready for a hook up. Here are some tips for how to do that.

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1. Make the bedroom comfy and clean

Sex and Dating Phone lines
Sex and Dating Phone lines

A bedroom should be a nice place to hang out. Make sure that you have plenty of blankets, a side table to put a glass of water on, and maybe even a TV or something for chilling after a hookup. It should be warm and inviting and you should definitely make sure to put away all of your dirty laundry and garbage. If you are the type to eat in your bed change the sheets because crumbs are no good.

2. Smell is everything

Make sure your house smells good. If the garbage is bad or has a scent then you will want to make sure that you take it out. Put air freshener – but not too stinky – in the air if you must. Make sure that anything is not going to give your new friend a reaction because some people have negative reactions to scents.

3. Wash Your Sheets

You are going to be snuggling with someone soon and you don’t want them to judge you for having messy sheets. Make sure that you have a fresh set on your bed so that when you get down and dirty to do the nasty you can rest assured that you will both be feeling fresh and clean.