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Dating With Anxiety or Depression

Mental health is a big factor when it comes to dating and if you’re not feeling at your best, you might not have as much success in the dating arena as you are used to. How can you date when you have anxiety or depression? Well it’s actually not as hopeless as you might think it is.

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Reaching out to other people is actually good for mental health for most people. Of course there is not one thing you can do that will work for everyone, so that is just a generality. One thing that can definitely help is talking on the phone lines for dating. You don’t have to put out a lot of effort and you can meet people easily!

Successful Dating Online
Successful Dating Online

1. Pick a Date Activity that Makes You Feel Good

When you are depressed just getting around can be hard. Make a date activity that you are excited about so you will feel good about what you are going to do. If that means going to the coffee shop down the street so you don’t have to try to hard, then that is good. If that means going to a special concert or your favorite restaurant, then that is great too!

2. Practice Flirting With Your Friends

Tell your friends that you want to practice flirting. It is a fun activity that will build your friendship too. Make sure they know you are just practicing so they don’t think you have developed a crush on them! Just have them start to drop a pick up line and you can figure out how to respond. When you have a good time and laugh about it with your friends it is easier to do it in real life or on a phone line for dating.

3. Make Yourself Feel Good Before the Date

Do whatever it takes to help yourself feel as great as possible before the date. If that means go to the gym, then do that. If that means watching your favorite TV show, then do that. The point is, you should be feeling as good as possible!