Learn How to Flirt f

How to Flirt

If you are wondering how you are ever going to snag anyone on the phone you need to learn how to flirt. Find out how by continuing to read this article which has some of the best flirting tips you will ever see. When you want to know how to flirt it can be kind of scary because you will have to put yourself out there a little bit.

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You will have to talk to strangers and be a bit confident, because everyone knows that confidence is sexy. If you’re not the most confident person, one way to get out there is to talk on the phone lines. This will give you some experience with flirting before you do it in person!

Learn How to Flirt
Learn How to Flirt

1. Practice in Front of a Mirror

Yes that sounds lame but seeing how you look when you are feeling flirtatious can actually give you confidence. Practice saying funny things in front of a mirror and your flirtatious facial expressions. Flirting is just like improving your personality so why not try it and practice it. Then you will only get better at it. Better yet, you can talk on the phone lines while you are in front of a mirror because that is where you will be genuinely flirting for real.

2. Watch Others Flirting

When you go out to your local watering hole you can observe other people who are flirting if you want. You can see how they do it. How they put their hand on her leg when they are laughing and how they make sure to look the other person in the eye. Flirting is second nature when you let the energy flow and have some experience to draw from.

3. Just Be Open To It

Some people get all stiff when someone starts to get flirtatious, however, if you just relax and open up to the action you will find that it all comes easier for you. Just try to receive what someone is putting down and see if they are open to the flirting.