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Amber Rose Wants to Make Sex Toys

Amber Rose who popularized slut walk and is working to make slut shaming a thing of the past wants to get into the sex toy game. Amber is a well spoken beauty who used to be a stripper until she clawed her way into the world of reality television and made a name for herself before using her platform for her beliefs. Apparently her company, Muva has filed requests for trademarks for a variety of adult products.

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She allegedly wants to make blow up dolls and vibrators for all her fans to enjoy. She also wants to make edible underwear, dildos and masturbation sleeves. It’s not clear if this is a clear move by the company or if she is just exploring this option for her company, but one thing is clear – Amber is a savvy business woman who knows that sex sells.

Best Sex Toys Online
Best Sex Toys Online

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