Single Parent Dating f

How to Get Back to Dating As a Single Parent

When you are a parent dating is even more challenging. You never know who you are going to meet. Are they going to be safe to bring back to your house where your family is chilling? Are they going to dine and dash and leave your family in an emotional rut when they don’t stick around for too long? Are they going to understand that your family comes first? Here are some tips for dating!

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1. Background Check

Single Parent Dating
Single Parent Dating

While the phone dates are great because you never have to put yourself out there too much, if you plan to meet up with someone or bring them back to your home consider running their phone number through one of the online systems to verify identities and phone numbers. If things don’t add up you know that something is off and you know not to bring that person to your house.

2. Wait to Introduce

If you’ve got a family at home you should wait to introduce your phone dates to your family until you know that they are planning on sticking around for a while. You can always find a date to have fun with but it’s best to rent a hotel room or something if you are only planning on having fun with your new friend from the phone lines!

3. Be clear with boundaries

Make sure that your friend knows that your family comes first and that they should understand that if they are calling you are leaving. Also let your family know if there will be certain times you plan to be not available so that they know who to call if something happens. Some single parents like to keep things casual so be up front about what you want so no one gets disappointed.