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V-Day Gifts For Your Phone Date

So, you have been chatting to Sheila or Bobby on the phone for a while and you want to get them something special for Valentine’s day. What you will get them all depends on what your conversations have been about. If they’ve been about the weather you probably don’t want to get them something too saucy, but if they’ve been about all the hot things you want to do together then you will certainly want to get them one of the following naughty gifts. Perhaps you can use them together on your first in person date after getting to know each other on the phone lines.

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1. Sex Toys

Free Phone lines
Free Phone lines

A sex toy is a great gift because you will already know what types of things your phone date likes. You can get them a vibrator or just a toy that speaks to their fetish interests. Sex toys aren’t just for chicks either. You can get a guy a hot cock ring that will make your time together even better. Of course if the two of you can use it together so it’s kind of a gift for the both of you!

2. Lingerie or Sexy Clothes

Get your honey that dress you’ve always wanted to her to wear or that bra and panty set that you want to bend her over and fuck her in. If you want to go shopping make sure to ask them their size so you can get the perfect size. Additionally, if you are shopping for a guy a sexy banana hammock or something like that could be the right choice too!

3. A Sexy Book

If you want to get better about sex you can read about it. Every time your honey picks up this book they will think of you and all the time you have spent together on the phone getting off together. You could get them a how-to type of book or maybe just a book of hot and erotic stories.