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Talking on the Phone: Old Fashioned or Amazing?

Some people think that talking on the phone is a bit old fashioned and that it doesn’t have a place in modern society. A lot of tech savvy people these days have even eschewed the practice of talking on the phone, saying that it is for people with whom they are more intimate. However, it’s time to bring back the amazing practice of talking on the phone for a few different reasons.

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1. You can’t tell tone in text

Sex Talk on the Phone
Sex Talk on the Phone

E-mail and text message are great for getting some things across however they are terrible for getting across the tone you have! You can’t tell things like sarcasm or intention when  you can’t hear someone’s voice, and it’s so much sexier to hear all of the sex noises and little gasps when you are having phone sex over the phone line instead of texting about it.

2. It’s science

There are some studies which have shown that hearing someone’s voice can actually raise your serotonin levels which is a good thing when it comes to a sexual connection. Serotonin is one of those positive chemicals that get released in your brain that makes you happy and it can make your sexy times even better.

3. It’s more personal

Talking on the phone is more personal than sending a text message. You wouldn’t really break up with someone over text message so why not give them a ring on the line and ask them out that way. Hearing your voice and hearing how excited you are will make your new phone date even more excited to go out with you or have phone sex on the hot phone line.Talking on the phone is not old fashioned. It is the new retro way that is coming back to meet hot people who live near you! Phone lines are making a big comeback so check them out.