Best Chat Dating Tips f

The Best Chat Dating Tips for Guys

Guys, are you sick of reading terrible dating advice that just tends to get you slapped in the face instead of in the bed of that hot chick you were talking to on the sex phone chat? Well, here is some non-douchey dating advice for you. Pick up artist techniques just don’t work because dating isn’t a game! It’s a real life thing that you need to just be yourself for.

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First of all, it’s important to be observant. You have to notice, especially if you are trying to pick up a girl in public. Take stock of what kind of mood she is in. Does she seem like she is concentrating on something or like she is busy? Does she have headphones in? Well, if she seems like she doesn’t want to be bothered don’t bother her. However, if she is smiling, laughing, or seems to be looking around the room then you can probably sidle up and talk to her.

Best Chat Dating Tips
Best Chat Dating Tips

When you do go up to her, see how she reacts. Does she smile or does she furrow her brow. Does she seem annoyed? You need to take a cue. If she just seems like she doesn’t want to talk to you then you need to take that hint and just go away. No one owes you their attention so just move on to the next person! Don’t start off with weird pick up artist tactics and questions.

Just go to the basic small talk. Where are you from and how are you enjoying this event/space is a great place to start. Then if things have turned out pretty well you can always move on to the portion where you ask for their name and number before you go out with them. Well this all sounds like a lot of work so if you don’t even want to deal with it then you will need to try something new. Pick up the phone and get on the phone sex line to find out the best way to meet local singles!