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Sex Advice to Keep You Warm in the Winter

Sex in the winter time isn’t always the most conducive to pleasure because you have to take your clothes off and it can be quite cold, especially if you are trying to save a few bucks by turning down the heat so you can relax a bit. Well, here are some sex tips that will help you stay warm even if you don’t want to put the heater up to 70!

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1 Call a phone sex line

Sex Tips
Sex Tips

When you talk on the phone sex line you will still be getting off but you won’t need to come out from underneath your many blankets. You can just relax and have a great time with yourself while you chat underneath the covers. Turn up the space heater and wear your favorite sweats or base layers or long underwear! Don’t worry about looking sexy because the phone is all about fantasy.

2. Hot Cocoa Gets it Started

Chocolate is an aphrodisiac so if you are having an in person shag then why don’t you put on a pot of hot chocolate with some marshmallows for extra sexual energy. It’s a great idea and there’s no reason why you can’t turn the sexual tradition of chocolate covered strawberries into something a bit more cozy.

3. Mistletoe it Up

The wintertime comes with some holidays that see people trying to kiss each other under the mistletoe. Make sure you put plenty of the green stuff up so that you can kiss your hopeful sweetie and have a good time getting it on. A kiss is the first step to having a hot sex night with someone you’ve met on a phone line!Just because it’s winter doesn’t mean you can’t have an evening of hot passion. Get on the blankets and get to your cozy fuck session.