Flirting on the Phone f

How to Know a Girl is Being Flirty

Man, it can be really hard to tell when a chick is flirting with you. Trust me, I know. I am the king of times when a chick was being all sly and cute and I just thought she was being herself, only to learn she had a big crush on me! So, here are some tips I’ve learned over the years to tell when a girl is flirting on the phone.

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Flirting on the Phone
Flirting on the Phone
  1. If she gives you her real phone number on our sex phone line then she is definitely flirting with you. It takes a lot for a girl to give out her phone number and they don’t tend to just give it out all willy nilly, so you had better appreciate it when she does it. If you ignore her good intentions she will notice and she won’t want to fuck you anymore!
  2. If she laughs at all of your jokes, whether they are good or not, chances are you are in the flirtation zone. Make sure you laugh at hers too so you can show her you are on the same page. Laughing is a great way to get things started on a sexy vibe because it makes everyone feel good and comfortable.
  3. If you find that she is interested in every single one of your hobbies even if she has never done them before, then there is a good chance she is flirting with you. A girl will be interested in whatever you are up to when she wants to fuck you and she tries to keep the conversation going by learning about your interests.
  4. If a honey gabs with you on the phone for a few months you had better believe that she is into you! There’s no better way to verify that a girl likes you than to talk to her for months on end. If she sticks it out, there’s only one reason why she would do that. Flirting on the phone is easy to suss out once you’re used to it.