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Self Conscious? Try Phone Dating

If you feel self conscious every time you go out on a date or to a bar to meet chicks, maybe you are not using the right tactics for dating. Here at FCG we are of the opinion that there is someone for everyone out there whether you are looking for a hook up, a phone chat or a real life girlfriend.

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Body size and looks don’t really have much to do with it because once you talk to someone and get to know them those shallow factors can fall to the wayside and someone will grow to enjoy your personality. The phone is perfect for those who have a bit of social anxiety and dating trouble. If you want to get over that, try phone dating.

Free Phone Dating
Free Phone Dating

First of all, the phone can help you to learn how to talk to chicks. You can gain confidence and have the presence of mind to think of what to say. If you have found yourself stumbling over your words when you approach a girl out on the town, then trying the phone can help you out a whole lot.

Second, if you feel self conscious about your looks you will soon find that looks are subjective and what is attractive to one person is not to another, and vice versa. So don’t worry. You have someone who is out there for you who wants to talk to you and get to know you, who also wants to fuck, because everything on our line wants at least a phone shag and maybe to meet up in person!

Finally, the phone is just a great place because you don’t have to get dressed up to go out and find someone to date. That takes a lot of effort and can cause even more social anxiety about what to wear and how to act. Just be yourself and pick up the phone. That’s phone dating. It’s that easy!