Sex Toys Calendar f

Sex Toy Advent Calendar

So you want to get frisky around the holidays. Well, you are in luck because free phone chat lines are available 24/7/365. Even on most major holidays like Christmas and New Years. Well maybe you need something to help you build up excitement to the holiday. Now there is a Christmas advent calendar that is filled with sex toys! You can count down the days to Christmas with lots of fun.

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The calendar is from the sex toy company called Love Honey. They are the same company that has made a lot of interactive sex toys used by cam girls. They are also great for long distance couples and phone hook up friends. You can give your lover control of the toy from afar! Anyways, the calendar contains 25 sex toys to make your December even better. Even if you’re not religious, don’t worry. It’s perfect for heathens too!

Sex Toys Calendar
Sex Toys Calendar

There are cock rings, hot underwear, anal beads, butt plugs, dildos and more. For creative sexual experiences there are hot dice for making suggestive moves, naughty playing cards and a massager. You can use lots of these toys when you’re having phone sex on our free local chat lines that have lots of people on it. You can also use them with in person hook ups who you have met on the line!

Nobody would be surprised if you didn’t wait the full 25 days before trying every single toy in the cabinet, but a bit of restraint can go a long way. Instead of getting off in one day, you can get off every day for 25 days in a whole new way. Leave it to surprise or give it as a gift to your phone friend. You will have a great time so get on the phone line now and find someone to celebrate with!