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Sex Toys Make the Best Holiday Gifts

If you are wondering what to get your phone fuck buddy for the holidays then you should get them a sex toy! The phone is full of hot people who want to fuck, and you’ve probably met someone who wants to play when you got on the line. Chances are that by the holidays, you’ve got an established fuck relationship with someone who is a good match for you. So, what types of sex toys should you get them?

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Women love all sorts of fuck accessories. A nice dildo is always a good idea because it can lead to some hot scenarios with the two of you together. You can try a double penetration scenario or just use it for some hot foreplay. Women also absolutely love clitoral vibes that help them get off harder and stronger. You can have a good time when you get your new lover a sex toys for the holidays. You better let them know that you’re the one who got it for them and not Santa!

Phone Fuck Buddy
Phone Fuck Buddy

If you want to try getting a sex toy for a guy, a vibrating cock ring is super fun. You can have a good time because the ring will touch the chick’s clit and it will excite him too. There are also special prostate stimulators that are perfectly designed to fill a guy’s ass and stimulate his prostate which is a new experience for many guys that can make them discover new aspects about sex and sexuality!

Other type of sex toys are a bit more kinky in nature. You can get nipple clamps to cause a little pain, some cuffs for restraint or a hot blindfold to take away sight and surprise your lover with something new. Now get on the phone lines and find a recipient for your present!