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Sexy TV Show Jane the Virgin Deals with Bisexuality

Jane the Virgin was always a TV show that promised to deal with sexuality just by the title, but now they are hitting it in a big way. In a reflection of the millennial sexuality trends of not identifying as straight or gay but bisexual, one of the main characters of the show has come out as bi. This is pretty cool because as you will know from talking on free phone chat lines, there are a lot of guys out there who have this type of fantasy but there aren’t many bisexual fantasies shown in television shows.

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Overall the show is like a telenovela with twists and turns at every corner, so it shouldn’t be any surprise that some of the characters have alternative sexualities that affect the way the story pans out.

Bisexual Fantasies
Bisexual Fantasies

The one thing that complicates the storyline is that Jane’s religious upbringing gives her many question marks about bisexual guys, and she wonders if her man is really gay after all. What she doesn’t realize is that it’s very common for dudes to be bisexual. Perhaps if she gave the phone lines a shot she would realize just how many guys want to have bi threesomes and other fun times. It’s a whole new world when bisexual guys can see themselves reflected in popular culture.

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