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Start Sexting With Your Phone Fuck Buddy

Once you have been on the sex chat lines for a while, you will need to get their real phone number. It’s one of the benefits of chatting on the phone lines, of course. They get to know you and trust you enough to get on their personal line with you. This means they may be open to texting with you as well. That means sexting is also a possibility. Here are some ways to start sexting with your phone fuck buddy.

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Use memes

Sex Chat Lines
Sex Chat Lines

Memes keep things light and they make your new potential fuck buddy feel at ease. Send your phone friend a meme and watch how they appreciate your sense of humor and find out if they really want to come over or not. If they don’t you can always say it was just a joke. That’s the best thing about memes.

Use plenty of emojis

Emojis are a new way of communicating so you better know the sexting speak for emojis. An eggplant means a big dick, a peach is an ass, the three drops of water can be jizz or squirt or even drool. Read up online about emoji talk and you’ll be fine when it comes to sexting.


GIFS show your reactions to things in an animated picture. You can send a GIF to show how excited you would be if they came over, or to show other emotions in your text conversation. Like memes, they will show your new date a sense of humor that will make them feel at ease and willing to open up to you!

Just have fun with sexting and you’ll do OK. Don’t take yourself too seriously and have a blast just getting it on through your thumbs.